Customs warehouse

We provide you flexible inland customs warehouse, absolutely advantageous for import and export.

Features of customs warehouse

In Japan, it is required, in principle, to perform a customs entry for import and export cargo to customs after carrying the cargo into a bonded area. Customs warehouse has been established to simplify and accelerate the customs clearance procedure. In general, cargo can be stored there for 2 years.

Advantages of customs warehouse

You can significantly reduce lead time and distribution cost.

You can avoid waste of time as you transport cargo in time for your shipping date after having acquired a permit for import/export.
You can save expenses of warehouse from which cargo are transported to a bonded area near shipping port.
You don't have to take customs inspection at shipping port. Therefore, you feel secure about precision equipment to which anti-moisture and/or anti-corrosion measures have been taken.
Our customs warehouse is close to your office and as convenient for distribution operation and inventory management as a common warehouse.
Our customs warehouse is next to Toyama Airport and highly advantageous also for air freight.

Items subject to the service

Electronic devices/Precision devices
Computer relations
Vehicle / mechanical parts
Plant equipment
Other general cargo

Major export countries

Southeast Asian countries
(such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand)
The United States of America
European countries