International freight service

Export cargo packing service to meet your needs

We provide you a consolidated service from packing to customs clearance in your business with Japanese companies.

Features of our export cargo packing.

  • Can withstand long transportation and diverse environments in foreign countries.
  • Can protect sea freight from corrosion by seawater, sea breeze and moisture.
  • Can regulate the amount of moisture with change in temperature (in case of vacuum packing).
  • Vent cover, L.V.L(Laminated Veneer Lumber) and heat treatment are also available.
  • 機械、美術品、食品など貨物に応じた最適な梱包をご提案


  • General machinery
  • Machine tool
  • Electronic devices/Precision devices
  • Auto parts
  • Fine arts and crafts
  • Food/Polished rice/Materials
  • Other general cargo




In international freight transportation, what matters most is different between ocean freight and air freight. Ocean freight requires securer packing in general, though the handling of cargo differs between a marine container and a conventional vessel. For air freight, reducing package weight is most important. Wooden box and corrugated cardboard box in the photos are often used for small products.

Closed Packing


This is the most used type of packing and suited to pack a heavy product such as machine tool. By sealed and protected with plywood, the product can be protected from water and moisture. Plywood box can be unpacked and reassembled.



This is suited to pack a heavy product such as machine tool. Wooden framed box is lightweight and economical. This is good for partial protection, but you had better avoid it when the product should be protected from water.

Skid packing


This packing is to fix a product on the base such as a palette, instead of covering all sides of the product like in a wooden box. Usually, this packing is used for cargo for container transportation and available at a low cost.

Reinforced corrugated cardboard


Reinforced corrugated cardboard is shock-absorbent, environmentally friendly and economical. It can reduce size and weight of the package and, instead of wooden box, it can be also used to pack a heavy product.

Palletized packing


This is simple packing to lade corrugated cardboard boxes or small packed cargo to a palette and cover it with a stretch film. You can see and check the goods over the transparent film.

Special packing

For ocean freight, vacuum packing and/or anti-corrosion processing are provided to prevent precision equipment from seawater, sea-breeze and moisture.


Vacuum packing

A product is completely covered with a moisture-proof packing material and, with a drying agent put inside, moisture is discharged from the package by exhausting the air inside. This packing can cope with changes in outside air temperature and prevent dew condensation.


Wood fumigation

When exporting cargo, fumigation is required for all wooden packing materials in accordance with the international standard of ISPM No. 15 in order to prevent possible spread of diseases and insects from wooden materials.