International distribution service

We offer you an optimal packing plan based on the type of products (machinery, fine arts, food, etc.).

From Toyama to overseas. From overseas to Toyama. Our international distribution service can meet a wide range of global business needs. In exporting and importing freight, you have to take various procedures with customs, marine cargo carrier and/or air carrier, in parallel with distribution works such as pickup, packing and transportation of goods. We have established a consolidated system to carry out all the complicated procedures on your behalf. From choosing an optimal transportation method to cost saving, we put ourselves in your place and provide you thorough service.

International freight forwarding service.

By taking the advantage of our flexible customs warehouse, we provide you consolidated distribution service from packing, customs clearance and transportation to shipping or flight. Based on our long experience in forwarding international freight, mainly industrial products, we have expanded our global network and can meet customers’ requests for local transportation and setup of the products.

Items subject to the service

  • Electronic devices/Precision devices
  • Computer relations
  • Vehicle / mechanical parts
  • Plant equipment
  • Other general cargo

Major export countries

  • Korea
  • China
  • Southeast Asian countries (such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand)
  • The United States of America
  • European countries

We provide you flexible inland customs warehouse, absolutely advantageous for import and export.


In Japan, it is required, in principle, to perform a customs entry for import and export cargo to customs after carrying the cargo into a bonded area. Customs warehouse has been established to simplify and accelerate the customs clearance procedure. In general, cargo can be stored there for 2 years.

You can significantly reduce lead time and distribution cost.

  • You can avoid waste of time as you transport cargo in time for your shipping date after having acquired a permit for import/export.
  • You can save expenses of warehouse from which cargo are transported to a bonded area near shipping port.
  • You don’t have to take customs inspection at shipping port. Therefore, you feel secure about precision equipment to which anti-moisture and/or anti-corrosion measures have been taken.
  • Our customs warehouse is close to your office and as convenient for distribution operation and inventory management as a common warehouse.
  • Our customs warehouse is next to Toyama Airport and highly advantageous also for air freight.

Please contact us when you consider starting business with Japanese companies.

Following is the flow of our international freight forwarding services from pre-survey to follow-up in a destination country.

1. Pre-survey

There are various restrictions and conditions by country and by item for handling of import and export cargo. We consult with your counterparty in Japan to check and confirm the contents of order form and contract in advance to provide you assurance and prevent any damage or trouble.

Main items in pre-survey:
Local condition, Import restriction, Terms of trade (Payment), Domestic laws in Japan, etc.

2. Cargo Pickup (in case of export from Japan)

We visit your counterparty in Japan to pick up the cargo to be exported to you. Our highly experienced staff can safely carry out not only general cargo but also heavy products and plant equipment.

3. Packing

In consideration of safety and cost-efficiency, we offer you an optimal proposal on packing in compliance with the standards of your destination country. We are also good at packing fragile , delicate and odd-shaped goods as well as heavy products. We can provide moisture-proof/anti-corrosion/ fumigation processing, if necessary, and pass strict customs inspection smoothly.

4. Smooth and speedy acquisition of import/export permit

We can take procedures and make documents needed to apply for an export permit on your behalf and obtain the permit as quickly as possible. By taking the advantage of our customs warehouse that we boast, we can provide you smooth pickup, packing, customs clearance and transport services in time for your shipping date.

Required documents for customs clearance:
Export declaration, Invoice (Commercial invoice), Packing list (Packing description), etc.

5. Domestic transport in Japan(Overland transport)

Overland transport (OLT) is to carry cargo that has cleared customs to a port by land. We have established safe, fast and secure consolidated door-to-door transport system to utilize trucking and container drayage.

6. Shipping/Loading

The cargo arrived in the port can be smoothly shipped to a vessel or container as we don’t have to carry in or out the cargo at warehouse in a bonded area nor take customs inspection. We surely carry out shipping, booking of flight, taking out a marine/air transport insurance policy and acquiring bill of lading (BL) on your behalf.

7. Follow-up in a destination country

We track the cargo after it has arrived in a destination country and provide you timely information about it. We can also offer you a consolidated distribution service including transport to the final place of delivery, carry-in and setup of the cargo in the countries where we have long business experiences.

Covered area for our consolidated distribution service:
The United States of America, China, Southeast Asian countries (such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand) Please also feel free to contact us if you consider other countries or regions.